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Baby Room Organised & Clean Up


All the rooms in the big house is totally untidy as the naughty monkey had been playing and jumping here and there all day long. The family is out and will be back home soon so before they arrive the little baby has to arrange the entire house and clean it up very quickly. Help the baby with all the different cleaning activities. Arrange all the books into the shelf but be sure that you arrange the same type of books together, collect all the food waste and put it into the dustbin. Complete all the different cleaning activities and move on to the next floors and clean them all.Activities in the Game:
1) Arrange all the photo frames properly into its perfect place.2) Pick up all the waste lying on the floor and put it in the dustbin.3) Clean the desk and arrange the items on it like pencils, scale, sketch pens etc. into its place.4) Move on to the next floors to do all the other cleaning tasks.5) Share this learning game for kids and have fun with all the
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